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CBD Wholesale – Naturae is a Vertically Integrated Producer, Manufacturer & Distributor of CBD Oils, Hemp-Derived Products & Extraction Services.

Need a custom formulation blend or milligram potency? Need to create something to target a specific demographic or market type? With Our CBD Products We Can Help!


Naturae offers its clients the ability to produce bulk, premixed products to suit their needs. Be it the final label for retail-ready goods, or a premade bulk CBD mixture. In addition, it also allows our clients the flexibility of crafting small-batch products. As well as, adding raw CBD ingredients to existing supply chains. Plus other custom manufacturing processes.

We understand what it takes to create a quality product for a variety of circumstances and necessities. With as little as a 5-gallon bulk mix, you can immediately start creating your own custom mixtures. Choose from our sourced, and readily available, ingredients. Or arrange to have your own ingredients sent to our facility for the mixture. Before processing the material you send into bulk mix, we make sure quality standards are met. The bulk mix will also include the CBD.

Step 1

CBD Products - Choose Your CBD Oil Type

  • REAL Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil Distillate 
  • Broad Spectrum Zero THC Hemp Oil Distillate 
  • Decarboxylated Crude Oil

Step 2

Choose your Milligram Strength

You determine the active CBD milligram per milliliter concentration of your tincture. It’s based on a 28ml’s of liquid in a 30ml bottle. You choose any concentration between 100mg and 500mg of active CBD. We then create the proper concentration for your retail end-product, taking out the worries of mislabeling and testing. This small service gives clients the reassurance that their products will reflect contents and labeling accurately.  

Step 3

CBD Products - Choose your Base Carrier

There are some carrier oils and materials that we have readily available for our clients. Consult with us to see which of the following ingredients would best suit your market needs. 

  • MCT Oil: Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT Oil – Medium Chain Triglycerides) made from the highest quality coconuts. The widely chosen carrier for pure, cannabinoid-rich, full spectrum concentrates.
  • Hemp Seed Oil: Hemp seed oil is made from cold pressed hemp seeds, naturally rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants. This oil is the preferred choice for THC free formulations.
  • Grape seed, Olive oil, and Honey also available upon request. 

*Please consult with us regarding the concentration choices in all our other products. 

Step 4

Choose Your Flavor & Unique Terpene Profile

Naturae gives it’s clients the ability to customize their product. Clients can customize flavor and viscosity, as well as, effects, crystal resilience, and terpene profile. In order to best suit their market demands. Terpenes are reintroduced to create profiles and to produce blends that are known for their effects. Whether it be: Energy, Focus, Pain Management, or Relaxation.

*You can also arrange to send us your approved material, in their approved packaging. Where we can pre-mix your materials and send you bulk containers ready to be packed into retail products.

[These next steps are for custom tincture]

Step 5

CBD Products - Choose your Bottle

Choose from 10 mL, 30 mL, (1 oz), and 60 mL (2 oz) bottles in either clear or ceramic matte finish. 

Custom bottles are offered in a full range of pantone colors, and are available for full flexibility and customization to bring our clients’ brands to life.*

Step 6

CBD Products - Choose your packaging options*

Naturae is associated with the best in the industry for packaging and design. We have negotiated to pass these services to our clients at fair and reasonable rates. Send your design to have it be printed in a full range of material, finish, and print type options; from metallic to embossed. Packaging and printing can also be arranged through your own printer.

*We also offer retail cartons and upgrades at an additional cost, beyond our private label bottling fee. You may choose to have packaging produced with your own vendors or with us.

CBD Products - CGMP Bottling & White Label Custom Manufacturing/ Outsourcing

Naturae Oils offers custom manufacturing to meet your market needs as well as, the company directives. Our team will assess your specific needs and criteria. Then offer solutions to maximize your efforts with seamless processes. Our team can also assist in supplying superior finished products. With the introduction of organic, all-natural nutraceutical blends. Customized for your goals.

The Naturae Oils team of experts can customize blends to achieve specific results, such as increased absorption, and greater efficacy. We can also work with your existing formulation or help develop a custom formula for any application desired. The Naturae Oils team of experts can customize blends to achieve specific results, such as increased absorption, and greater efficacy. We can also work with your existing formulation or help develop a custom formula for any application desired. Be it a lotion, cream, tincture, or capsule. Raw material blending products ship within 45-60 days of receiving funds..

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