What is the Entourage Effect?

Synergy between the Two Main compounds in cannabis: Cannabidiol (CBD) & Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and all the other cannabinoids and compounds of the entire plant

What this synergy entails is that products that contain more of the plant components stand to benefit from the availability of a full spectrum of the plant.

The takeaway is that both THC products can benefit from the addition of CBD, and vice versa in the case of CBD based treatments. Solely CBD based treatments, while not suffering from any adverse effects by not including THC, could stand to gain benefits from its inclusion.

This “whole plant medicine,” as it’s commonly referred, is a type of product utilizing full spectrum CBD, meaning it can have some concentrations of THC in it. What this means is that, while alone medicines with just THC or CBD may contain certain benefits, full spectrum products obtain many of the benefits from both. In some cases, the effects of one may be boosted by the inclusion of the other.

The entourage effect is not just limited to cannabis plants bred for the farming of thc

In fact, on large area where this is found is in hemp farming for the production of CBD based products. While the entourage effect is most commonly utilized to represent the inclusion of CBD to high-THC content products, a similar effect can be used to describe high-CBD products. This Entourage Effect is the representation of high-CBD based products containing small amounts of THC in order to allow availability of more of the plant components.

However, where it differs is where in high-THC products, the effects of the THC are more potent and there’s a highly likelihood of psychosis, hemp products do not see this. Despite being full spectrum and including THC, because the hemp produced is majority high-CBD, the THC produces little in the way of psychosis.

Terpenes & The entourage effect

When concerning terpenes, the entourage effect takes on a different meaning. Rather than describing the relation between THC and CBD, the entourage effect in terpenes has to do with the synergy between them and cannabinoids. Similarly to the effects between THC and CBD, when the entourage effect is applied to terpenes, it increases their quality, as well as improves the overall flavor and strength.

The biggest result that the entourage effect on terpenes is improving their stability during the production phase. Terpenes dissipate into the air very easily, making them one of the first molecules in hemp to vaporize when heat is applied. While vaporization is good for when they are used, during the production process, the entourage effect can help to stabilize these compounds, allowing for a stronger product to be produced.

Other Cannabinoids & The entourage effect

Similar to with terpenes, other cannabinoids stand to see benefits from the entourage effect as well. The combination of CBD with other types of cannabinoids allows their effects to be increased, as well as their overall noticeability. This is especially true in the case of flavonoids within the hemp product. Because the entourage effect allows for properties of these to be magnified, flavonoids have their flavors boosted when in conjunction with cannabinoids. In addition to this, the stronger flavor allows for a greater depth of flavor, as once subtle flavors are brought out and made more noticeable. This also stands true with other cannabinoids, as it creates for an added level of effects that may otherwise not be so easily realized.

So, before you go and make your decision to purchase a product for your business that is 99.9% CBD based, do some research. Despite the bad reputation it gets, THC in combination with CBD can do great things for the quality and results that a product gets. A high-CBD based, full spectrum product allows for its users to receive all of the expected benefits that would accompany CBD, with the receiving of the benefits from THC as well. Furthermore, this coupling of high-CBD with THC allows for an increase in the quality of the product(s), leading to better or more clear results.

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