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Naturae was founded by three friends Owen, Nick and Max who had a passion for making a difference in the world. We believe that a plant as small as hemp can make a big change. They created two companies, HempChain Farms and Naturae. HempChain Farm's focuses on the cultivating high yielding CBD hemp plants, using organic and sustainable practices. Naturae focuses on producing the reliable organic CBD oils and processing capabilities for East Coast farmers.

The Planting at HempChain Farm started in April 2018. The first batch of plants will be harvested in September-October 2018. From this round of plants, we will be starting our own retail company, while consistently educating people on the benefits of Naturae's hemp plants and the CBD oils it produces. Let us introduce ourselves first: 

Owen has quickly gained a multitude of experience with technology-based startups. He is highly motivated, responsive, clever and thoughtful. He launched his first company Just Mangia, a startup that provides online ordering capabilities to restaurants on Long Island, NY that he co-founded back in 2016. Since then, Owen has been investing in the crypto currency space. He is scheduled for a Q4 launch of his own token concept later this year. "After taking notice of the recent legislation change of hemp in New York, I quickly realized the potential for a new venture to form. During our development phase, it was hard not to fall in love with the potential that industrial hemp has both economically and environmentally for the U.S.” Owen studied Philosophy at Baruch College in New York City.

Nicolas is part of the 6th generation of a family that has been working with livestock and agriculture since the mid-19th century in South America. “From an early age I have had the privilege and opportunity to help oversee large agricultural operations alongside my father in Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Suriname, Bolivia and as far as India and Bulgaria. I have always planned to keep the business of agriculture in my career, and I believe industrial hemp is one of the most interesting and beneficial industries in the sector”. Nick is sharp, compassionate, driven with a sensible approach to business. He is a 2018 candidate at Bernard M. Baruch College for a dual degree in International Business and Marketing.  

Maxson is an entrepreneur, business owner, and artisan filled with drive and fortitude. No task is too menial to ensure completeness and achievement. “When the idea to grow industrial hemp first arose, I had little knowledge of the plant itself. We were all immensely intrigued within a short period of researching its unique possibilities. I am very determined to start production of the farm itself. I see myself playing a vital role in the production and expansion of the company, including utilizing my unique insight and recent business management experience to oversee workers and operations. I also fully expect and intend to ‘roll up my sleeves’ to ensure its success in every aspect. Due to its multitude of uses in the textile, healthcare and manufacturing segments, I see industrial hemp playing a major role in the growth of the local and national economy and agricultural world.”

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