HempChain Farms

New York Hemp Seedlings

HempChain Farms operates over 200-acres of farmland in New York focused on the sustainable organic cultivation of industrial hemp. Conveniently Located in the valley of Berlin, three hours north of Manhattan and twenty minutes from Massachusetts and Vermont. HempChain Farms is licensed by the New York Department of Agriculture as part of the Industrial Research Program to grow and cultivate Hemp.

In 2018, HempChain Farms planted 50,000 plants consisting of six different strains on 28 acres of land. A 15,000 sqft greenhouse from Nexus Corp was constructed on site for the purpose of germinating seeds and drying the harvest. 

New York Hemp Greenhouse Grow

In addition, HempChains will begin working on a genetics program throughout 2018 in order to reduce costs for farmers on the East Coast for the 2019 Season. 

As a participant in the research initiative, HempChains will conduct research on several different strains, and their performance in New York soil. Several different growing styles have also been implemented, which consist of different spacing between rows and plants, water cycles, indoor vs outdoor growing. 

With this research, our goal is to locate the most effective strains and growing styles to help guide additional farmers in the upcoming 2019 season.


Interested in growing hemp in 2019? Reach out to us below!




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